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"In 141 miles make a 'U' turn." - Collin's GPS


"Touch me in my meaty parts again and I might get unhappy." - Alesone


"Tadcaster Militia: we have a lot of mottos... 'be nice' is not one of them." - Griff

Alesone: "The fewer Tads present, the worse we are."
Melchior: "We're homeopathic that way."


"I'll small box that. ... 'I'll small box that'? Did I say that out loud?" - Lissa

"If you loved me, you would stab me!" - Lissa

ir: "I don't even want to know what's in a 'pirate curry'."
Jibril: "Arrr! Prepare to be boarded!"
Lillia: "Ew! That's not making it better!"

And from the archives…
Griff: "You could be the CEO of a company, but in Society you're a leper."
Melchior: "With a Pelican!"
ir: "… Leprosy as a service?"


"Hashtag: substitute dentist." - Melchior, Declan, Andre, ir

"Porn is not necessarilly social networking." - Berric

"But now Your Majesty has two stunt Davii. … Which is two too many." - Alexandre

"May I have the paddle, please?" - HRM Kiena

"You gave your dress to the Baron? … Well done." - HRM Gregor

"Giving rise to the phrase, 'Ride'em like a Bhakail Herald." - Alexandre

Alesone: "Bruce, why are you wearing Ian's cote?"
Bruce: "But I liiiiiiiike it! It's so niiiiiiice!"


Melchior: "I'm not sure how they got off all those shots with a bolt action."
Alesone: "Maybe it's one of those new fangled, semi-automatic, bolt action rifles."
Melchior: "... wait. What?!?"


[pointing at contrail] "Iron Man! Wait. That can't be Iron Man, [points a different contrail]that's Iron man... [points back to first] that's Rhody." - Rivka

"I keep forgetting that... I could make positive comments, too." - Tristan


"Wait. The cruft for your goat curl?" - ir

"No, it tore out of the hole I was using." - Simon

"Did you have a nipple bug?" - Lillia

"It's all fun and games until we start playing face frisbee?" - Lillia

"No, I'm the one with the blood, you're the one with the vomit." - Sabine

"I've only had the hot sausage." - Darmon

"No one has ever got there and said, 'The weather was delightful'." - Rowen

"If you turn it sideways, it gets bigger." - Suba


"If you wait long enough, I'll do something stupid." - Duncan

Kovey: "Hoy! Hoy! Bonk."
ir: "'Hoy hoy bonk?'"


"Since The Fop will blow out the crotch, I've decided to preemptively expose the inner seams." - Alesone


"She is not tender with horns." - Sabine


"It's wiggley. It feels wrong in my mouth." - Katie

"It's not my fault I always look like I'm lying." - Lissa

"I admit it: I am not a good dad." - Bruni


"My advice about Edmund: if he's going to suck on you... [gestures at face] anywhere but here." - Engracia

"It was the 80's." - Davius

"Well, if it was a face merkin..." - Donovan

"But how would they rip it off, if they're wearing a mask? It would have to be a mask merkin." - Kiena

Declan: "Merkin Man!"
Kiena: "No, it needs to be more muffled."

"This crepe is making me want to move in with it and have its babies." - Declan

"If we combined Griff and Antonio... Antonio might get some hair out of the deal." - Kiena

"Did you just ask 'Where's the sex happening'?" - ir

"You could put your hand up and say, 'you guyyyyyyys, I am sooo armored right now!'" - ir

"'You seem a nice enough fellow, I hate to kill you.'" - ir

Kirtinka: "'You seem a nice enough fellow, I hate to kill you.'"
ir: "Heeey! I just used that one!"

"What the f-" - Davius, new Queen's Champion

"Wait, WHAT?" - Fraser, new Silver Crescent

"Oh, French-ify that." - Nataliia

Collin: "Hey, Ryan! Want some speed?"
Griff: "Shut up! Are you not understanding were we are? Are you TRYING to get us murdered?"

"Doesn't a proper lady have a man to protect her cookies?" - James

"I'm a good student, I show my teacher titties!" - Mabel

"He trained his wife how to slide it back in." - Davius

"Davius was not upset, Davius was dead as f@ck." - Davius

"No, I've had your chocolate. Your sweet, sweet chocolate. In my mouth." - Bruce

"I wouldn't put my mouth on that." - Bruce

Bruce: "You don't have signal? What are you using?"
ir: "... A phone."

"'Punitive motorboating'?!" - Meryke

"It'll be an SCA cargo cult; waiting by the road for the spurs to fall from the sky." - Antonio

"No! Stop touching meeee! I am the kniiight!" - Bruce, as Antonio

"'Excuse me, Sir Antonio, may We have a word?'" - ir, as The Crown

Jehane: "Ian, do you sometimes look at this monstrosity you've created and shake your head?"
ir: "'Sometimes'?"

"Seriously, Collin? You're gonna slap both your knees and say 'I wanna be the mean Baron'?" - Ysmay

"Aw, Bruce, is the gentlemen standing behind you 'hurting' you with his 'nice'?" - ir

"Ian, don't prime that pump. Leave the pump alone! ... Stop. Touching. That. Pump." - Ysmay

Ysmay: "Thomas the Sofa Magnet!"
James: "Magnate, or magnet?"
Ysmay: "MagNET."
ir: "It's better that way. ... ffffffffoomp."
Davius: "Aaaaaaagetitoffmegetitoffmeee!"

Ysmay:"But his super power only works on /sofas/."
ir, as random citizen: "Help me! I'm being attacked by a love seat!"
ir and Ysmay, as Muin, as Thomas the Sofa Magnet: "... Nope. Wish I could help."
Ysmay:"Worst. Superhero. Ever."

"Davius! Bring me a spoon? A silver one." - Kiena

"What, seriously?" - ir

"No context for you, you're too young." - Davius

"Nope! I only work when I'm your pocket." - Declan, as Bruce's cel phone

"Apparently, your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device... in the event of a water landing." - DeCastellan

"'Her Excellency would have before her, her Cut-a-Bitch.'" - Declan


"You might want to come behind me and push those in further." - Lissa

"The only thing I haven't been feeding him is his sisters." - Annys

"Was that me? YESSSS!" - Evan

"I'll never get a Maunche, I don't make anything. Just dead people". - Davius

"Do I really need my balls?" - Declan

Melchior: "Are you hot-boxing haggis in there?"
Baron Hamish: "You get to stay."


Avi: "Horrible aim, much?"
Rivka: "Well, he's a bad guy. He's supposed to have bad aim."


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