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Published works perpetrated by these people
Thrilling true tales of our travels
Bhakail_fencing Yahoo group

Baronial Rapier Marshal
Don Melchior Kriebel

What's My Pirate Name?
Vaguely amusing quiz.

Billboard d'Escrime
One of a series of Verzon billboards, also vaguely amusing.

The Tadcaster Militia on
the Internet Movie Database
Do you have an IMDB page? We do. I'd wager we're one of a very few fencing households which does.

American Fencer's Supply
Santelli is no longer a going concern, but AFS has many of the same items at similar prices

Darkwood Armory

Beautiful work, very nice. Swords, daggers, and many other things.
Created Ian's tad-dagger.

James the Just
His custom hilts may take your breath away.
Also carries "off-the-rack" items, reasonable prices.
He's recently retired, but his apprentice is carrying on the sword business.

Zen Warrior (was Triplette)
Triplette's SCA-centric offerings; often expensive and cheesy, but the only source yet for Spectra undergarments

Gipsy Peddler
Later period fencing-legal cothing.
Make sure to note what items need shirts underneath, tho.

The SCA:
Society for Creative Anachronism
The "SCA" - the overall group we play in. Dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages from 500 to 1650 ACE, but with less plague and more indoor plumbing.
Society Rapier Rules
The overall corporate standard fencing rules. (PDF format)

The East Kingdom
Sub-division of the SCA comprising the Eastern seaboard from Nova Scotia to Delaware & west to mid-PA
East Kingdom Rapier Rules
The kingdom-specific fencing rules for our kingdom, as of March 1, 2002.

Don Dylan's Fencing Page
Excellent source of much information, with links to EK rules, other kingdoms' rules, research on the London Masters, the Spanish Circle and punch testing armor, among other things.

The East Kingdom Rapier Combatant Compendium
A simply huge listing of the fencers of the East Kingdom and information about them. And marshals. And the OGRs. And the Rules.
A good place to look up that gentle who you fought at That Event in That Barony but didn't get their name but they were really cool and you want to look them up so you know who they are and WOW there's a lot of fencers out there! I like pie.
Local SCA Groups:
Barony of Bhakail
Tadcaster's local SCA area - Metro Philadelphia

Gleann nam Feòrag Dubh
Incipient canton within Bhakail, comprising Delaware Co.
By Royal Decision it is known as "The Shire of Fred"

Shire of Hartshorn-Dale
Chester and Montgomery Counties, PA

Barony of Carillion
Monmouth, Ocean & S. Middlesex Co. NJ

Barony of Settmour Swamp
Somerset & Morris Co. NJ

Barony of Iron Bog
Camden, Gloucester & S. Burlington NJ

Shire of Barren Sands
Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland & Salem Co. NJ

Bhkail Baronial Practice mailing list
Subscribe to the mailing list for the Bhakail Baronial practice and fencers in the Tadcaster Militia.

East Kingdom Fencing list
Subscribe to the mailing list for fencers in the East Kingdom of the SCA.

Southern Region Fencing list
Subscribe to the Yahoo groups list for fencers in the Southern Region of the EK
Other Stuff:
The website for the actual Tadcaster
(the one in England)

Baby Elephant Walk (mp3)
A special dedication for our own
Elephant Handler.


Um, melons. Yes.

Lou Ferrigno!
Um, Lou Ferigno. Why?
Well, he sorta came up in conversation.

Vacations in Vermont!
Lord, no...please, let us be out of Vermont...
Somehow, this site fails to encapsulate the horror we felt in being in that state. :)

Exclamation Marks!
Usually shows excitement. Or emotion. Could be replaced by a comma if the feeling's not as strong.