Something Fishy This Way Comes:
The Poems
June 21st, AS XXXVIII

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The Salamander Carol
Great joy, hope and peace
Be all here in this place,
By your leave, we shall tell
Concerning Bhakail.

Of her cooks and their feasts,
Of her brewers and their yeast,
Of her artisan's fine skills
And her dancers' lithe heels.

Of her fencers and knights,
of their cunning and might,
Though her enemies stand tall,
She will conquer them all.

Now one chapter is done,
And a new one's begun,
For the time is imminent
For their excellencies' ascent.

A new leaf in histr'y
Of this grand Barony,
And so ends my tale,
Long life to Bhakail!

Ian, Lord Raven of Tadcaster
based on "The Wren", a popular English carol

Sonnet à Bhakail
Bhakail, coveted jewel of the East Kingdom,
Qui ne cède en renom qu’à l’antique ville de Rome.
Bhakail, the barony in which one loves to live,
Bhakail, si douce, si claire, vivifiante comme l’eau vive.

Bhakail, with blooming spring and beautiful autumn,
Dont la vitalité tous les ans nous étonne.
Bhakail, the barony of multiple talents,
Où citoyens combattent ou brodent aussi bien qu’ils chantent.

Life is enjoyable since I moved to Bhakail,
Oncques je n’eu r-êvé voir une cité si belle.
This explains why always all people hail Bhakail.

Pourtant il est bien dur de vanter ses mérites,
Without somehow losing Bhakail’s spirit,
C’est pourquoi d’essayer je vais cesser bien vite…

Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande

The Glory of Bhakail
Oh Bhakail -
Thy glory ensues,
Thy magnificence imbues
Each gentle with passion
And history renewed.

Oh Bhakail -
A shining star
Amongst many,
A Barony resplendent
Unmatched by any.

Oh Bhakail -
To honor most high
We combatants shall vie
Without recompense
That thy glory
Shall never die.

-Geoffrey Gryffon, Mute Herald of Tadcaster

I Fought to Be Champion of Bhakail
I fought to be Champion of Bhakail
Should I have won, my sword wouldn't fail
I fought for that honor
Against the Lord Connor
I lost, so to him raise a cup full of ale.

words by Don Duncan Keiran,
augmented & performed by Lord Collin Monroe