Something Fishy This Way Comes

June 21st, AS XXXVIII

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Upon this momentous day, there was a competition to chose a successor to Ian, Lord Raven, current Baronial Rapier Champion of Bhakail. The tournament was held in three parts: Martial Prowess, Command of the Gentle Arts, and Choice of Challenge to the Current Champion. Due to weather conditions, the Obstacle Course was struck from the day.

The first portion of the day saw a Pine Box Tournament - a first-blood, wounds-retained, single-elimination fencing tournament. The fighting was fine and fierce, with many talented fighters from around the area, even including the fair kingdom of Atlantia to the south. In fact, the eventual victor of the tourney was the newly minted White Scarf of that kingdom, Lord Connor. His victory came over the efforts of Lord Collin Monroe, Rapier Champion of Iron Bog. Victory in this portion of the day netted Lord Connor 10 points, and Lord Collin five.

Secondly, Lord Ian entertained challenges from all comers, to be judged by him to find his favorite. Thusly was he challenged by his student, Geoffrey Gryffon - via Geoffrey's interpreter, Katrine Lyndesay. This challenge involved the passing on of an artifact of great significance. Following this, another challenge was received from Brunissende, who presented her captain with two written pages detailing how she would not challenge him. Lord Collin Monroe followed this challenge with a "poulet-or-nothing" offer involving his recently won five chicken dinners. Lastly, Lord Lorenzo Gorla, a gentleman of Iron Bog, questioned the mettle of both Lord Ian and his entire miltia - this lengthy and intricate challenge ended with Ian ceremoniously shooting Lorenzo in the chest from ten paces with a rubber band pistol, and gained Lorenzo 10 points for his efforts. Geoffrey's challenge was second with five points.

Finally, the competitors for champion performed their short poems composed to glorify the Barony of Bhakail. Lord Ian opened the performance with an example, The Salamander Carol. Performing next was Brunissende (assisted by Katrine Lyndesay for translation). Her entry was dedicated to her love of her recently adopted home, Bhakail. Geoffrey Gryffon also utilized the translation help of Katrine, for while he composed this poem, he is after all, mute. Lord Collin followed with a limerick composed by Don Duncan Kieran. The victor of this segment was chosen, by their Imminent Excellencies, to be Geoffrey Gryffon, gaining him 10 points. Brunissende was chosen as the runner-up.

In conclusion: with 15 points, Geoffrey Gryffon was victorious in the contest, and is the new incoming Rapier Champion of Bhakail! Not only is he the recipient of the Champion's cloak and rapier, but he was also awarded a silver chalice that strangely enough has the miraculous ability to render him capable of speech! Vivat!

-respectfully submitted, Ian, Lord Raven