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Brunechilde de Ravenel (July 16th, 1942 ~ May 14th, 2015)
(dont le diminutif est Brunehaut)

FENCING in the SCA since:
She doesn't fence, but she accompanies us on some of our more... um, interesting missions abroad.

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Soothsayer -- Really. Literally, a sayer of Sooth. I mean, that's what she said once, during a trip to Vermont, and she's been indispensible ever since. She often speaks wise words to us on such diverse topics as world peace ("I love the Scotch") and travel destinations ("Go South, and f**k Vermont"), and many others, all of it steeped in great wisdom. And we love that.

OFFICES, other affiliations:

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.:
Dans le monde Brunechilde called Francoise Poussin is a happy retired old lady who lives part of the time in Philadelphia with Brunissende and most of her time in her village of Ravenel.
Device (not yet proposed): Azure, a fess Or cotised argent, with two cats as supporters

Motto : Not evil but clumsy

Brunehilde de Ravenel (dont le diminutif est Brunehaut) appartient a une vieille famille basque venue s'installer en Picardie quand le reste de l'armee espagnole remontait jusqu'en Flandre. Son aieul Adam de Ravenel crea le village qui porte son et qui existe toujours. Encore enfant, Brunehilde fut capturee par une bande de bohemiens qui lui apprirent de nombreuses choses utiles : read palms, tell tarots, see past and future, some withchcraft, steal anything and plus particulierement les bouteilles d'alcool. C'est a cause de ce penchant qu'elle rencontra a son adolescence Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande avec qui elle se lia d'amitie et dans l'etablissement de laquelle elle travailla un certain temps. C'est Brunissende qui la presenta a la milice ou elle se plait depuis.