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Tadcaster Members

Don Davius St. Jacques
OGR, Master

FENCING in the SCA since:
Spring 2003.

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Ranger. See that picture up there? Trust me, as pretty a princess as he appears, he's a bucking bronco. To put it another way, you don't know where he is, but we know all about you. You'll never see him. Unless, of course, he's windmilling two ginsu swords in his hands while screaming the lyrics to "Wheel in the Sky" by Journey.

OFFICES, other affiliations:
Companion of the Order of Defense (MoD) (May 2015)
Queen's Rapier Champion (retired), East Kingdom
(Thyra - Kiena II - Avelina II)
Past Left Hand of Their Excellencies Bhakail, Bhakail (Baronial Rapier Champion)
Companion of the the Order of the Goldern Rapier (OGR)
Companionof the Silver Rapier
Bearerof The Honor Of Tadcaster
Rapier Champion, Shire of Stag's Gate (Also, only rapier fighter in Stag's Gate)
Selected as a Pennsic Rapier Champion alternate for Pennsic XL
Award of Arms (Boru and Diedre - Meridies)
Cadet to Don Pieter Rausch, Ansteorra
Provost of the Bjornsburg Academy of Defense (Ansteorra)
Recipient of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra (for members in military service)
Miss Carnival Pride 2010

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.:
Davius is an Air Force guy, dividing his time between Philadelphia and Delaware. And Florida. And Georgia. And Undisclosed Location. As well as Undisclosed Location, Undisclosed Location, and Undisclosed Location. Possibly also Texas.