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Tadcaster Members

Don Griffith Davion of the Argent Tyger, OBT
Captain, OGR
Pre-Emptive Salvage Consultant (Nautical), Outside Voice, Voice of Reason (tm), DNP Fairy
Um, see above... for the same reason as Lorenzo.

FENCING in the SCA since:
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, wait, wrong script.

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Pre-Emptive Salvage Consultant (Nautical) -- Some people are just touchy about words. You just mention the word "pirate" and they go all to pieces... so we try to keep the general public from freaking out by referring to Griffith's job by it's ultra-secret official name. Griffith is an invaluable resource to the finer points of reclaimation and salvage in a sea-going setting.

Outside Voice -- It's been said our Captain is too politic for his own good. Sometimes, the thing we think on the inside needs to be said, but we feel weird actually saying it... that's where the Outside Voice comes in. Saying the things that need to be said, out where it sometimes needs to be said.

Voice of Reason (tm) -- Sometimes, what needs to be said is "Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there!" As strange as it may seem to have a pir... er, privateer as this reasonable voice, it kinda works.

DNP Fairy -- Unfortunately (for you), you will probably not know if or why you deserve visitations from Griff in this office... until you have been visited. Painfully. Oh, so painfully.

Actually... you might not know the "why" even then. Sorry.

PIRATE NAME/other personas
Griffith doesn't require a separate "pirate" name...although he does prefer the word "privateer."

OFFICES, other affiliations:
Seneschal, Bhakail
Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Southern Region
Companion of the Order of the Golden Rapier
Companion of the Silver Rapier
Companion of the Silver Wheel
Former Bearer of The Honor Of Tadcaster
of the Burdened Tyger
of the Order of the Salamander (Bhakail)
, L'Ecole de la Salamandre Flamboyante (CSalF) (Bhakail)
Companion of the Flame of Bhakail (co-premier) (2x)
Twice King's Rapier Champion (Retired), East Kingdom
(Andreas III-Konrad I-Darius IV; Griffith II-Lucan VIII-Gregor III)
Past Chancellor, League of Rapier Academies
Former holder of the Iron Ring of the East
Selected as a Pennsic Rapier Champion, Pennsic XXXVI, XXXVII (King's Champion), XXXVII, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XL (King's Champion)
Companion of the Order of the Sable Bell (Carillion)
Companion of the Order of the Golden Chime (Carillion)
Past Rapier Champion, Carillion
Past Rapier Champion, Iron Bog
Thrice past Rapier Champion, Bhakail
Rapier Marshal at Large
Youth Rapier Marshal

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.:
Lives and works in the Philly area, although "work" is done from home... lucky bastard. Also, owns an iPhone.