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Tadcaster Members

Lady Caitrina "Katya" Gordon, OBT
Elephant Handler

FENCING in the SCA since:
1999, with time off for good behavior.

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Elephant Handler -- If there's an elephant that needs handling, we know who to call. For none among us has the grace, the charm, the command of subtle nuance to deal with pachyderms than our Katya. On the rare occasion that the Militia sacks Carthage, the captain can trust to the utmost that the war elephants will be kept in line.

Fluffernutter -- In the new Tadcaster After Dark environment, Katya is more than just an elephant handler... she's, well... an elephant fluffer. If you have to ask what that is, you don't want to know. If you don't have to ask what that is, get your mind out of the gutter!

OFFICES, other affiliations:
Companion of the Silver Crescent
Companion of the Silver Martlet (Iron Bog)
Companion of the Sable Compass (Iron Bog)
Companion of the Order of the Duck (Iron Bog)
Baronial Rapier Marshal
, Iron Bog
One of the Case of Kats
Companion of the Burdened Tyger (3x)
Baronial Historian, Iron Bog
Past Registrar of the League of Rapier Academies
Apprentice to Duchess Mistress Sedalia MacNare
Past bearerof The Honor Of Tadcaster

Katya was born in Scotland in the late 16th century, to one of the many branches of the Gordon Clan, this one located on the eastern seaboard of the Clan's land. However, she was the first girl in this branch. Her father doted on her and being of Viking descent though he named her a fair and proper Gaelic name he called her Katya after his Grandmother. He also saw no harm in raising her as he had raised his sons. She learned to defend herself with a sword, to ride a horse, courtly manners (ok, he tried to teach her these), and drink like a sailor. She often went traveling with him on his ship (hence why she is having problems with courtly manners - do you know what kind manners pirates... ahem…privateers have?!?), as her father was Captain to a beautiful ship, the Elephantine. Thus named for having been acquired in Istanbul and he and Katya having ridden elephants for the first time that same trip. Yes, that’s another story.

As Katya got towards marrying age her father sent her off to court to find her way, or in unspoken words, find a husband. Katya tries to stay out of court as often as she can since she dislikes being noticed by those in high places, for many reasons. One is that she has inherited her father’s ship, the Elephantine and many of his ways, much to the embarrassment of some of her family and her mother who despairs of her ever marrying. In Katya’s travels she has met the members of the Tadcaster Militia in different places, and is always glad to stand and fight beside them when needed. She considers herself and those that travel with her part of their ranks and will answer the call to fight with them when she can get to them in time. She also knows that should she need them they will answer her call for help.

Because of Katya’s many travels she can be found in many different garbs of many different places and in the company of many different peoples. She is touchy about people mispronouncing her name or that of her ship. Though since many of the Militia are silly French or English they have been given permission to call her the Elephant Handler, especially useful at court when Katya does not wished to be known. Also helpful is that in court she is offically Lady Caitrina Gordon, and few know that she and Katya "the Elephant Handler" Gordon are one and the same.

And Katya likes it that way.