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Tadcaster Members

Lady Molly O'Reilly, Mother-of-Twins, OSC
The Calming Force

FENCING in the SCA since:
Another non-fencer. However...

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Calming Force -- We have Agitators (She's married to one of them). We have Assassins. We have all manner of deadly folk, but there is such a thing as too deadly. That's where Molly comes in. Primarily, she Calms Duncan, but she's been known to forcibly Chill Out any number of us. So watch it, mister, or she'll need to Calm you, too.

PIRATE NAME/other personas

OFFICES, other affiliations:
Companion of the Silver Crescent
Companion of the Silver Marlet (Iron Bog)
Exchequer, East Kingdom

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.: