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Tadcaster Members

Don Targét
Field Artillery Cuisine Liason

FENCING in the SCA since:
Oh, three or four years...

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Field Artillery Cuisine Liason -- Admit it. That title sounds sooo much better than "cannon fodder."

PIRATE NAME/other personas
Confusingly, a striking similarity has been noted by many between Don Targét and Don Jean-Paul du Casse. It is true there is a marked physical resemblance, but Don Jean-Paul would never be seen drinking from such a base vessel as breast-shaped mug. Don Targét, on the other hand... well. Ahem. And, none but Targét would be so bold as to wear a red tabard with concentric rings on the front. Really.

Incidentally, Don Jean-Paul is a former King's Rapier Champion, and the current Queen's Rapier Champion.