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Tadcaster Members

Don Thomas delbruc, OBT
Captain, OGR
Interdip (If you have to ask...)
Iron Tom Bobo

FENCING in the SCA since:
'94? '96? Everything's still funnier with monkeys.

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Interdip -- Okay, maybe this one will make better sense sometimes than others. But if you say it very slow, with pursed lips, it sounds neet!

PIRATE NAME/other personas
Iron Tom Bobo, was described by the test, but he be havin' no use fer tests an' such! Arrr!

OFFICES, other affiliations:

Companion of the Order of Defense (MoD)
Rapier Champion ,Concordia of the Snows
Award of Arms
Companion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger
Companion of the Order of the Golden Rapier
Past Queen's Rapier Champion (he's so dreamy)
Selected as a Pennsic Rapier Champion, Pennsic XXXVII
Marshal-at-Large, Barony of Iron Bog.
One of the original founding members and Presiding President for Life, of the "BoBo Club" (for men).

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.:

Born in 1475, Thomas hails, as his name suggests, from 'the brook'. He took the surname 'delbruc' to signify his attachment to the small stream that flows near his birthplace. His parents, middle-class farmers on the English border of Scotland, raised him well, with only intermittent formal education intermixed with hands-on training with all sorts of repair, crafting and martial experiences.

His father was "drafted" into helping Edward IV's army attempt to re-take control of Scotland. From all reports Thomas' father was killed during the siege and subsequent sacking of Berwick in 1482.

There after, Thomas was in charge of the family farm, which even though he was capable of supporting the farm, slowly came to ruin as Thomas was forced to spend more time and money caring for his mother as she slowly was killed by the wasting sickness. Forced to sell the family farm to stay at even-keel, Thomas now, due to his broad training, makes a living as a Tinker taking odd repair and crafting jobs, including mercenary-style military missions.

Thomas has since fallen in with a gang of jolly-ruffians (or was that rough-jollykins?) who call themselves "The Tadcastrians" or the "Tadcaster Militia" (which simply designates the region which they usually call home, how creative of them...). With Tadcaster, Thomas has a chance for profit, education (and teaching), and most importantly to him, FUN!