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Tadcaster's Hundred Minutes of Ragnarok
No kidding, we made it to two events
without getting lost

by Madame Madame Brunissende

100 Minutes War
November 13th, AS XXXIX

Yesterday morning many Tads braved the cold and headed for Augusta, NJ, for the 100 minutes war was to happen then and there. For once, we tried a different strategy in a way mostly North: to not pool too many of us in the same vehicle, for VT avoiding purposes... It seemed to work as most of us were there between 10:00 and 10:30. Pretty much the expected time. The way was kind of going towards winter as, on the way, getting close to our destination, I could see my first snow of the year.


After trolling in, we got to the kind of Hall where we were to fence (did I mention it was F!@#@!!! cold?). After helping with the set up time came for authorizations. 3 Tads wanted to authorize: Berric (single), Arnaut (rigid) and Katrine (cloak). I got to sign Berric's authorization with Pierre and later got word from Arnaut that he passed his also. I'm afraid I didn't have the opportunity to check with Katrine but I assume that it was, as usual, a no brainer.


Then came the tourney itself. The first round was 3 lists in Round Robin (did I mention it was F!@#@!!! cold?). Of this 8 were selected for the second round: single elimination. 5 of these 8 were Tads, so there still was some suspense. After the first turn, 3 of the 4 remaining were Tads: Alain, Collin, and Griffith. When Alain killed Armand (the trick it seems is to leg him first...easy to say I guess) we all knew who was going to win... a Tad.

Collin took Griffith out and went fot the finales against Alain: best 3 out of 5. They did have to play the 5 bouts, and in the end Lord Lord Collin was the victor (which sound probably better than lord Victor was the collin, IMO) At the same time the East Kingdom Cooks Guild had a tasting board, next to the dayboard area. As usual, people really seemed to enjoy the work of the cooks. I could only bring the black pepper sauce and the mustard sauce a little late, but they seemed to be appreciated anyway.


After the tourney the League assembled for a short meeting (did I ever mention it was F!@#@!!! cold?). Berric received his Black Cord from Katrine: this cord was Katya's, then Katrine's and thus is the katiest cord. Lord Lord Collin finally received his Gold Cord. I say finally because I had been carrying it at events for months. It's a difficult task to be an organizatrix. I think he was surprised though. After that, there was still some time for pickups and authorizations before court (and it was F!@#@!!! cold?).

There was some animation when the Head Cook was taken away by an ambulance, which led to cancelling the feast. Word today is that he is OK. Also the food didn't go to waste and was donated to a women and children shelter. Court was in a heated building. Of note, our own Don Thomas received a quest from his Queen. Having not dined with most of the group, I don't know what the quest is. I guess he will let us know*.

And that's pretty much it for my view of the day. (Did I remember to say that it was F!@#@!!! cold?)

Madame Madame Brunissende
November 14, AS XXXIX (2004)


* delbruc's quest is this (courtesy of delbruc himself):

SO most of you know that I was going to be "in deep trouble" with the current Royalty (Thorson and Svava) because Fergus and Alexander found the sash and brass badge that is part of the Queen's Rapier Champion Regailia at Coronation (and promptly turned me in to Their Majesties).

This past weekend was the first time I was able to be in Court since that event and they made me wait until almost the last piece of business to hand down my "judgment" (I was hoping they'd forgotten, but you know, those Nordic folk can hold a grudge really well...).

Well, being the crafty individual that I am, I tried suggesting my own punishment (to which the Queen says, "You can try..."), which was to clean and polish the Queen's Champ sword and badge (the one that was mishandled).

The Queen responds to this request by saying, "That's half of your quest! The other half is for you to bring me proof of you having trained 3 new fencers at the next event (King and Queen's Rapier Champions, in January)."