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Bright Hills Baronial Championship
Travelling as the BACK of Tadcaster

by Madame Madame Brunissende

Bright Hills Baronial Rapier Championship, Atlantia
October 30th, AS XXXIX

So yesterday [10/30/04] we left as the BACK [Bruni, Arnaut, Collin, Katrine] of Tadcaster to go visit our Southern neighbors of Atlantia, as we had been invited to do by Stephen Bridewell of the Barony of Bright Hills. Our missions were spying, disrupting and Lord Lord was on a personal quest to get revenge from Atlantia - for twice already members of this Kingdom had crossed the border to come win a fencing tournament in our beautiful southern region of the East Kingdom.

Although it seems everybody slept too late all were somewhat ready when the Tadmobile came to their door to pick up the brave members of the spying crew. Lord Lord collected successively Arnaut, Brunissende and Katrine, making the BACK complete. We then took 95, going Sooth. I'd like here to emphasize that, despite an insistant and thick fog we did not get lost, not once, or even got stuck in traffic. So we pretty much arrived without any problem, at the time expected +/- 5 minutes.

Yeah, I know, we were sort of impressed too...

The site was a nice camping site, with trees harboring their Fall colors and the grass wet of the morning humidity. It was foggy, slippery and muddy too. When came time to troll in we realized that Lady Lady [Katrine] was maybe taking the spying part probably too seriously and had no form of identification (I propose the word "wallet" should, for various unhappy occurrences, be removed from the Tadcaster vocabulary). This got dealt with easily however.


Then to the field, a few minutes to chat with the Atlantian fencers present. There were almost as many of us as there were of them: Stephen (the MiC), Argyle, Kynnyth, Brian, Kenji and an Atlantian Herald whose name I forgot (sorry about that). After a short turn of the merchants (the highlight being definitely the table of Bright Hills Cooks Guild), we signed with the MoL and got inspected (and there's an odd feeling to not be the one doing that, not even being really allowed to do it...:D). The warm-up consisted of a suite of short melees, fighting for some Chocolate. Well, quite frankly we didn't win many of these chocolates but I'd say I was still happy to see that we haven't lost everything of our melee practice and still have reflexes of communicating and checking the situations of the others from the team.


Then came dayboard time. After being fed, we headed towards the fencing field again for the tourney that was to decide of the new Bright Hills rapier champion. Participants were Argyle, Kynnyth, Brian and Kenji, for the Atlantians, the BACK for the East. The format, to everybody's satisfaction, was a Round Robin. Additionally, fencers aimed to entertain the graceful Baroness of Bright Hills. After much fun fencing, the final two were our own Lord Lord Collin and Kenji San. The victor was to be decided by best 2 out of 3, to be fought before the Baron and Baroness of Bright Hills.


For the first bout, they took single. At one point it looked like they were going to end up with a double kill, but Lord Lord's quillion got caught in Kenji's armor twisting his hand and more specifically his right thumb. There was a short interruption and, although the finger seemed strained, they resumed the bout. Collin emerged the victor of that one.

For the next bout, the both took their sticks, and both lost them almost immediately, thus continuing single. Kenji san won that bout.

For the last and decisive bout, they fought dagger, and the victory belonged to Lord Lord. However, with the small detail of not only being from out of Barony, but also being from out of Kingdom, Lord Lord Collin is not the new Bright Hill rapier Champion but Kenji San is. I think, however, he was quite happy with the prize he received.

After the tourney we did some pick up bouts before court.


After court, we went to a dinner with Kynnyth and Brian. We had a nice time exchanging gossips, and Lord Lord Collin got a new boyfriend. He had however to abandon him to head back North towards the East Kingdom. On the way back, we use the far-seeing properties of the DoG to discover that our future King and Queen will be our previous King and Queen. Yeah! Be it considered for all female fencers out there as an incentive to become King's champion in January.

And that's pretty much it.

Madame Madame Brunissende
October 31, AS XXXIX (2004)