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"Gary Oldman is like the white John Leguzimo." - Eldrich

"Strapon is in the caboose." - Declan

"I like girls." - Andre

"Let me know if you see signs for Vermont." - Eldrich

"Do you two finger?" - delbroc, to the Queen

"Having lived through the 80s, I never permed my public hair." - Alesone

"I just caught something I didn't expect. We are all going to die." - James

"You don't need a fork, just hand plow it. Aaarrrrrgghhhh." - Andre

"Who the hell puts lights on a highway???" - James/Thomas/Eldrich, upon traveling the Saw Mill Parkway


Griff: "Why you gotta start the day like that? That wasn't alright."
Lorenzo: "Shields weren’t up?"
Griff: "They are now, f’er."

"Chicken wrap banana... wait, there's a comma, there's a comma." - ir

"You must fit below this sign to enter this list." - HRM Takamatsu

"Thankfully, I have boobs. It helps with the massages." - Hawk

"’My persona is seven feet tall, so that was a leg.’" - Hawk

"Hey! Eastern boys! Are you good at shoving things into other things?" - Hawk

"Davius can breathe carrots. That's his mutant power?" - ir

"[Davius] started his story with 'Little Airman Smith', and I thought it was going a completely different direction." - ir

"Remember, when you're alone, it's always the right hand." - Aurelia

"Normally, where I stick my fingers doesn't bite. (Sip)(sip)" - Griff

"But it's ok, there were baby wipes!" - Hawk


"I drank Griff’s Kool-aid." - Katya

"I have a dinosaur head in the back seat, it’s all good." - Alesone


"Did you just say you shave yellow people in the background?" - Declan


Andre: "What's the word for when they eat sushi off of the naked body of some woman?"
Lorenzo: " Gonorrhea."

"Everyone in line for Lorenzo's A&S pit!" - Eldritch

"We can't stop here, this is cockotter country." - Melchior, Griff


"…Was that like talking to Becca in a bow tie, or is it just me?" - ir


"Katya, for every time you bat his sword away with your dagger, instead of controlling the blade and counter-attacking, I swear to God I will go out and shoot one kitten. Now en garde… this one's for Mister Whiskers." - Lorenzo

"Collin, I love the beard. It looks great, and it's coming in Iron Bog colors too." - Ysmay

Eldritch: "Pornegranate."
Sabine: "Official fruit of the Tadcaster Militia, huh?"


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