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Tadcaster Members

Master Ian Raven, Baron Tadcaster
Captain, OGR, MoD
"O Glorieux Capitaine"
Mad James Bonney, capt. of the Queen Anne Arqi

FENCING in the SCA since:
1994. SCA member since 1990.

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Captain. Runs the goings-on (more like corralling the creative minds) here-abouts, and bears the responsibility for the decisions of the group... unless it's Lorenzo's fault.

On the afternoon of September 13th, 2003, Ian realized that everyone around him sucked (but in a good way). His entire Militia, the Order of the Golden Rapier, many Eastern citizens, and indeed even his own wife, conspired to hide the fact that he was to become a companion of the Order of the Golden Rapier at East Kingdom University. For seven months. On that date, it also became apparent that the actual mission of the Militia is to keep Ian in the dark.

PIRATE NAME/other personas
"Mad" James Bonney, captain of the Queen Anne Arqi, was described thus by the test:

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

"Mad Jimmy" Bonney is a Scottish pirate of the 16th century, given to obscure reasoning, arbitrary behavior, and unfathomable verbal outbursts.

His ship can be identified by the figurehead of a crazed Diana the Huntress carrying an armload of melons and drooling a bit, and by the fact that the cannon are arranged to fire through the gun ports on the opposite side of the ship. Muppets!

Alternate personas: Ian MacNiann, a 15th c. Scot; and Svengar Hrodgarsson, called "the Graceful", the famed (yet injury-prone) one-armed Viking swordsman.

OFFICES, other affiliations:
Companion of the Outlands Order of Defense (MoD)
Companion of the Fallen Snow (Outlands)
William Blackfox Web Award, AS 48 (Best Artwork - East Kingdom website)
Baron of the Court of Kenric & Avelina
Companion of the Order of the Golden Rapier (OGR)
Cadets:Declan Gobha (February 2012)
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent
Companion of the Salamander (Bhakail)
Companion, Company of the Flame & Salamander (baronial rapier award)
King's Rapier Champion (Retired), East Kingdom
(Lucan VII-Griffith I-Andreas III)
King's Esteem of Merit, Edward I
Flame of Bhakail (2x)
Thrice past Left Hand of Their Excellencies Bhakail (rapier champion), Bhakail
Past Rapier Champion, Carillion
Past Ladies' Champion, Bhakail
Rapier Marshal at Large – East Kingdom
Youth Rapier Marshal at Large – East Kingdom
Member of Queen's Guards of Elspeth I and Isabella II
Selected as a Pennsic Rapier Champion, Pennsics XXX, XXXII, XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXV, XXXVI (King's Champion), XXXVII, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLI
Former holder of the Iron Ring of The East (May-Aug. A.S. XL)
First bearer of The Honor Of Tadcaster
May or may not have been a member of Privigni Spurii Rufi Orientalis. Alternate persona Ian MacNiann has been a member of the crew of the Hound of Denmark, and possibly the Argent Tyger. Who can say?

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.:

It is the late 1300's, and Ian is a land owner near a small brewing town halfway between York and Leeds. His manor raises sheep for the wool trade, the brewery on the River Wharfe makes a reknowned porter, and the militia which he commands (while not a standing army) is ever ready to serve the crown protecting the Kingdom from interlopers and brigands.

This far north, there is thankfully very little plague.

Don Ian's Top Ten List:
10 Coolest Things About Becoming an OGR
10. OGR badge looks sooo cool pinned on Gold Cord
9. Being the first "Don Ian" in the East Kingdom
8. Better seats at posh restaurants
7. Spiffy new club useful for crushing bones of enemies... no, wait, that's for becoming an ogre. My mistake.
6. Instant pay increase at work (well... a guy can dream, can't he?)
5. Can refer to Don Ricardo as "Your Excellency"
4. Marion is my sister again... she hated being my Aunt
3. OGR badge strikes fear in the hearts of younger fencers now gunning for me
2. Going from cadet 6 of 4 to OGR #64
1. Hey! It's Don Dogass now, Mister!

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.:
After seven long years as a designer in the financial field, Ian spent some time as a user interface designer in Philadelphia. He now lives on the side of a mountain in Colorado, with Annys (the Herbalist), three children, a rabbit, many, many computers, and the neighborhood hummingbirds. Likes to pretend he has some control over his life, or his career, or the Militia that bears his name (see above).