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Tadcaster Members

Baron Lawrence Thornguard, OSC, OBT, OP
Covert Something Something Machination Advisor

FENCING in the SCA since:

DESCRIPTION of Militia Duties:
Covert Something Something Machination Advisor -- Barron Larry is well versed in the vagueries of redacted, to no one's surprise. Where we have need of redacted or redacted, we turn to him for his knowledge of redacted and he advises us wether we shouldredacted or redacted, or even redacted. That's not to say that he isn't redacted, but redacted has been known to redactedwhen he's involved. His redacted are in high demand and well regarded within the group. Likewise, redacted redacted and many redacted as well.

PIRATE NAME/other personas

OFFICES, other affiliations:
First Baron of Iron Bog
Kingdom Augmentation of Arms
Companion of the Pelican
Companion of the Silver Crescent
Companion of the Burdened Tyger (x2)
Baron of the Court
Grant of Arms
Award of Arms
Apprentices: Don Griffith Davion

REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.:


REAL WORLD INFO, family, work, etc.: